LiveWave Antenna Scam

What do you know about the LiveWave Antenna?

Consumers are cutting the cord left and right after the rise of high-speed Internet coverage. It is connected to OTT services such as Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix among others.

Some of them switch to indoor TV antennas. However, some of them choose to upgrade their outdoor TV antennas to watch free news, movies, free local channels, and HD channel list.

Indoor TV antennas are popular and the latest news in this technology. If you want to replace the room antenna scheme, a hybrid antenna called LiveWave.

The main USP offered by LiveWave is that customers do not need a large antenna to connect to the attic or inside the room. They also claim that watching the free TV channel is hassle-free.

A small built-in cup-shaped antenna is connected to an electrical outlet. It also contains many receptors and capacitors that attract signals from all areas. However, it depends on the availability of signals.

livewave antenna

Working with LiveWave

According to the company, the LiveWave antenna depends on the house’s insulation and wiring to act as a signal receiver for free channels.

It turns your house into a giant signal receiving antenna that receives signals from broadcast stations broadcasting free to HD channels.

The company also said the receptor plug turns the power lines around the house into a giant signal receptor, so caution is advised.

Not only that, but the company also says you no longer need a TV antenna to watch free HD channels. However, the built-in antenna receiver works perfectly in harmony with the wiring in the house to pick up signals from the entire area.

Does it Work or Not?

The antenna seems to work for a small group of people. On the other hand, there are a huge number of customers who are not satisfied and want to do anything to get their money back.

The antenna seems to work in rural areas with the least external distortion from other wireless devices and equipment.

Check out some of their LiveWave reviews from their customers:

Customer #1

Customer service is terrible and takes days to respond.

I had to add additional amplifiers or antennas to make the LiveWave antenna work. It also included a bill. However, it did not lead to any extreme improvement.

After ordering we kept calling them to get the antenna but customer service said it was “sold out”. Why should they take orders if they cannot honor them?

Customer #2

I ordered 2 antennas for the house. None of them seem to work. I called them and they promised to send me two more antennas at 50% off.

Why would I want additional antennas and pay extra for them when the original ones can’t even work? My homemade tv antenna works much better than this……piece of junk.

These are current or recent LiveWave antenna reviews full of complaints. Now it’s up to you to decide if this antenna works or if it’s part of the popular LiveWave antenna scam that’s been going around the internet.

How to use the LiveWave antenna?
Prerequisite – Quick Setup

Step 1:

First, insert the end using the ANT/IN connector of the coaxial cable. Plug directly into the TV.

Step 2:

However, plug the last end of the same coaxial cable into the receiver that is included in the package.

Step 3:

Now plug the receiver into the wall box.

Since the company suggests that it is shockproof, I suggest you take some important precautions when working with the socket.

Channel search

Here comes the easiest part. Using this technique, which works well with most TV models, you can immediately start searching for channels.

Step 1:

Go to the remote control and press the SOURCE button

Step 2:

Select TV from the TV source menu.

Step 3:

Go to the Channel Settings menu and select Antenna or AIR. Traditional TV versions would have an AIR option and vice versa.

Step 4:

Make it essential by starting the channel search operation

It should start displaying a list of free HD channels that are broadcast in your location or within the reception range.

Channel availability in LiveWave

However, the LiveWave antenna digital HDTV receiver pulls down signals from the nearest channels or broadcast towers far away.

Some of the channels we all watch on LiveWave are as follows:


Comparison – LiveWave antenna and other antennas

On paper, the LiveWave antenna says they are a better choice than other modern rabbit ear antennas. However, the antenna compares favorably with some other TV antennas in the price segment.

According to some customer reviews, the antenna does not deliver the promised channels in some urban areas.

The LiveWave antenna looks like it will pick up some channels in near-obstruction-free areas, ideally in rural areas. Alternatively, competitors are doing much better in providing free HD channels with or without amplifiers.

LiveWave CSR Antennas:

There are many early copies and scam websites that pretend to be the official LiveWave antenna website. It takes a certain amount of Google-ing to zero in on what appears to be the official LiveWave website from Strong current organizations.

I came across them with a harmless email interesting about the product. However, this email received a reply after a week. The CSR will also send an automated email confirmation of receipt of the email.

It also delivers a message that the company has received the text and will return it later. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

I then send them a text message on their FB page which looks like their official social account. To my utter disappointment, they can’t answer me there either. Besides auto replying to my text.

CSR is undoubtedly the backbone of building customer trust. He wants to be on the spot and active in solving customer problems and issues. As an apathetic customer service type, he would spread the awful word about the product.


The antenna is priced at $39.95 each, including additional shipping charges. Buying a pair now would cost $73.75.

They also offer a warranty plan that costs $10. This is a 1-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, the expansion plan also offers a lifetime warranty.

Written by Umair AnXari

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