Top 10 Competitor Pricing Tools

Nowadays, people check and compare products and services online before making a purchase. It is clear that the user experience is crucial for companies to retain existing customers over time. However, price is a driving factor, especially for first-time buyers. That being said, price tracking is critical to your business. In the following installments, we will introduce the 10 best price trackers.
Competitor pricing tools, also called price intelligence or competitive price tracking, is the analysis of internal and external (historical and real-time competitor prices) variable prices in order to optimize the pricing strategy.

How does price tracking help your business?

For internal analysis:

Tracking your price history can help reflect market strategy. Along with product rotation and brand equity, price tracking can help create the best pricing strategy and maximize profit.

To analyze the competition in the market:

Tracking competitive pricing allows you to gain insight into your competition. This is essential in the market report. Based on the collected information, such as the ratio of product to price and your target group, you will have an idea of ​​your position in the market.

Web scraping tools to track price
A web scraping tool is most cost-effective for small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets. Compared to price tracking software, the advantages of a web scraping tool are:


Apart from price tracking, the web scraper can also be used in lead generation, risk management, academic research, and market analysis.
Multi-Industry: In addition, the web scraping tool can also be used in many industries, including real estate, automotive, hospitality, consulting, and more. Price tracking software is rather one-sided and can only be used in e-commerce.

Here are the 3 best price-tracking web scrapers, let’s learn how they can help.


Mozenda is another web scraping tool that can help with price monitoring. It can easily copy text and images from any web page, so you can get price information on your own.


Octoparse is an easy-to-use web scraping tool for both Windows and Mac. You can scrape data from any website with a few clicks. It supports auto-detection mode and preset templates for easy operation. You can also set the wiping schedule to be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or any other time. It would be very helpful to track the price of your products or your competitors’ products. is a powerful web scraper that can also extract data from any website. You can enjoy it with its many features and you don’t have to worry about tracking the prices. However, it doesn’t seem to provide personal download services anymore, you have to apply for a data service which can cost you a lot more money.

competitor pricing tool

Other price-tracking platforms

The price monitoring platform/software, as the name suggests, focuses on contributing to the e-commerce industry by monitoring and tracking prices. This means it is a professional ongoing software compared to web scraping tools.


Price2Spy is an online monitoring tool for eCommerce professionals.

√ The app is available on both iOS and Android devices. It also has a web app version.

√ Broad coverage of most product ranges and timely suggestions.

× Price information is not updated in time. Does not update price information on time (sync issue)

× Dashboard is not user friendly


· Price comparison

· Price changes

· Reporting and price analysis

· Clever spidering


Data cropping

Introduction: Founded in 2004, Aruhat Technologies is an Indian-certified software company with a vision to provide technology for continuous improvement and innovation in business supported by core competency.

√ Data Crop coverage from business intelligence to pricing and revaluation tools.

√ Easy-to-use interface

× Limited data extraction

× Sometimes fails to extract data


· Incongruent data collection

· Image Extraction

· Document Extraction

· Email notification


Introduction: Prisync is a SaaS company that focuses on price optimization and dynamic pricing for e-commerce businesses. It provides clients with a price tracking system for people to track the price of the competition.

√ All-round services from helping to define the product range to determining pricing strategies.

√ Real-time price tracking and updates.

√ Change email.

× It is not easy to set up a stable and efficient model.

× Some aspects of customization require fairly technical skills.


· Engine repricing

· Comprehensive report

· Frequent updates

· Unlimited number of contestants

· Advanced Analytics

Omnia Dynamic Pricing

Introduction: Omnia provides a complete suite of automation tools to help take control of product assortment, pricing, and marketing strategies.

√ Flexible setting of the monitoring model in the software.

√ Easy to use as it explains how the software algorithm works and recommends the correct one

√ Comprehensive training system

× Too expensive for a small company

× Provide online support only during business hours


· Customized pricing rules

· Price elasticity calculations

· End-to-end automation

· Complete transparency


Skuuudle is an intelligent monitoring platform that is a smart little platform that automatically compares your prices with your competitors’ prices. With a close understanding of pricing in a specific market, Skuuudle helps create price and product insights on a daily basis.

√ End-to-end visualization price monitoring platform.


Repricer is a price tracking tool that focuses on Amazon repricing.

√ Supports 18 international Amazon marketplaces

√ Buy Box Strategy Optimization on Amazon

√ User-friendly navigation

× Provides software and services only to Amazon sellers

× Price information is not updated in time. (Sync problem)


· Overvaluation

· Competitive Analysis (Amazon sellers only)

· Flexible rule settings

· Safe and secure

√ Get data on time with perfect accuracy

√ Provide a monthly report

× Provide online support only during business hours


Minderest is a pioneering price and assortment intelligence company for retailers and manufacturers.

Fee: customized | Free trial: N/A

√ Not only provide monitoring services for retail but also for the brand.

√ The mobile app is supported.

√ API extraction is available

√ Customer support: via phone, in-app chat interface, or email.

× Price recording restrictions for sellers requiring an account

× Information is sometimes slow to update.


· Mobile app in the store

· Relative Brand Tracking Services

The Pricing of Competitor Pricing Tools could be hard work without tools. While this isn’t a complete list of price trackers, it’s a great start. Just choose the one that best suits your specific marketing challenges. While using a new tool in your work can be quite a long learning curve, the growth of your business will thank you in the long run.

If you are not comfortable with this tool and you are looking for a data service for your project, Octoparse data service is a good choice. We work closely with you to understand your data requirements and ensure we deliver what you want. Talk to an Octoparse data expert to discuss how web scraping works

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